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PolicyTerps are bold, fearless changemakers. Through our rigorous undergraduate major, minors, and programs, students learn core foundational skills critical for the understanding and analysis of policy problems and the development of solutions. These skills and competencies are then applied in the real world by engaging with the policy process at local, state, national, and global levels through real-time projects.

At the core of our undergraduate program is the development of students’ ability to make a positive impact on the greatest number of people.

Learning Objectives

Students completing a Public Policy major will:

1. Possess a foundational understanding of the fields of Public Policy and leadership, including their key processes, methodologies, and actors, both present and historic.

2. Possess a foundational understanding of the key policy-related precepts and methodologies of many disciplines, including history, economics, political science, international relations, sociology, data analysis, information science, ethics and justice.

3. Be adept at acquiring and maintaining a critical understanding of key policy-related developments inthe world.

4. Be adept at finding, understanding, organizing, and synthesizing data and the findings of other analysts/leaders, to produce an enhanced, multi-­faceted, multi-­perspective, objective understanding of public issues.

5. Be adept at seeing public issues from the perspectives of various constituencies and those with different backgrounds, especially those whose perspectives are under-­represented in public forums and processes.

6. Be creative and systematic problem-­solvers, able to relate and apply intellectual skills and theoretical knowledge to real-world problems.

7. Be able to communicate – orally, on paper, and through media – analysis and findings, especially to people who do not share their analytical, professional, or cultural background.

8. Be able to intelligently work with and lead others who are working on or are affected by public issues,including those from different analytical, professional, or cultural backgrounds.