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Yueming 'Lucy' Qiu

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Associate Professor; Director of Strategic Research Initiatives

Lucy Qiu is an associate professor in the School of Public Policy and serves as the School's director of strategic research initiatives. She was previously an assistant professor in resource economics at Arizona State University. Her main research area is energy economics and policy. She has worked on research projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity pricing experiments and energy in the transportation sector. Qiu received an MA and PhD from Stanford University and a BEng from Tsinghua University. See Qiu's research website for more details of her research projects, publications, and teaching interests.

Areas of Interest
  • Energy & environmental economics; field experiments; technology & innovation economics; behavior experiments
3 Credit(s)

Applies intermediate microeconomic theory to public policy issues: resource allocation by firms and consumers; the response of economic agents to changes in incentives; market allocations in competitive and non-competitive environments; and market failures and government remedies. Uses extended case studies of particular issues in such areas as the environment (acid rain), international trade (tariffs), industry regulation (cable TV), and the provision of public goods (highways).
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