Home Newsroom Faculty News CPPPE Co-Sponsors 14th Annual Forum on Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity: A Public Policy Perspective

CPPPE Co-Sponsors 14th Annual Forum on Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity: A Public Policy Perspective

The UMD School of Public Policy's Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise and Robert H. Smith School of Business jointly sponsored this year's Annual Forum on Financial Information Systems and Cybersecurity. 
At the forum, privacy and cybersecurity experts discussed everything from policy to block chains to data breaches. Attended by scholars and experts in the fields of information security and public policy, the forum was organized by Research Professor and Director of Research for CPPPE William Lucyshyn, from the School of Public Policy; and Ernst & Young Alumni Professor Lawrence A. Gordon and Professor and Deloitte & Touche Faculty Fellow Martin P. Loeb, from the Robert H. Smith School of Business.
"Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance as a major research focus for the School of Public Policy," said SPP Dean Robert C. Orr during the lunch session of the forum. In his remarks, Orr stressed that cybersecurity is at a place where attackers are moving quickly and defenses are not moving at the same pace. He noted that organizations of all sizes are being targeted to steal personal data, and the government is no exception. He highlighted the 2017 Equifax breach as an example.
Orr's remarks also served as an introduction for the lunch session speaker, Dan Ennis, the executive director of the UMD Global Cybersecurity Initiative (MaGIC), as well as a senior fellow at CPPPE. Formerly, Ennis served as chief of NSA tailored access operations, chief of transnational targets (counter terrorism, counter proliferation, counter intelligence, narcotics and serious crimes, and weapons and space) and chief of the Office of Russia.
During his talk, Ennis pointed out that, "government can't do it alone in terms of cyber." He continued to discuss the importance of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, with participation from the government, the private sector and academia to address the increasing cybersecurity threat to our critical infrastructures and ultimately our way of life.
Other presentations during the forum included "The Equifax Saga and Ramifications"; "Sharing Insider Threat Indicators: The Use of Swift's Messaging Platform to Combat Cyber Fraud"; "How Do Insurance Companies Price Cyber Risk?";"The Impact of the Block Chain Technology on the Cybersecurity of Financial Systems"; and "Real-time Anomaly Detection System Design for Cybersecurity Protection in Smart Grids." 
The Ira H. Shapiro Memorial Lecture, delivered by L. Jean Camp, discussed the difficulty most users have with tailoring the permissions of the applications on their mobile phones, the subsequent vulnerabilities that are created and her research into enabling better user permission decisions.
You can view photos from the forum on CPPPE's Flickr account.