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Alumni Give SPP Students Career Advice During Panel Discussion

Last month, Career Services and Alumni Relations partnered with the International Security and Economic Policy (ISEP) Council to host a panel of alumni speakers to discuss potential career paths.
Panelists for the event included Carolyn Chuhta (MPP, ’05) works as a professional staff member on the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, handling a portfolio that includes budget and defense appropriations issues, ballistic missile defense programs, U.S. Northern Command and homeland defense issues. Gregory LaRocca (MPP ’16) is an international trade analyst at the U.S. International Trade Commission specializing in the metals and minerals industry of East Asian nations. Jillian Maloney (MPP ’17) is a National Nuclear Security Administration Graduate Fellow in the Office of Cost Estimating and Program Evaluation with previous experience as a fellow with the Center for International Trade and Security, an intern at Idaho National Laboratory and a graduate assistant with the UMD Center for International and Security Studies.
David Klabanoff, a member of the ISEP Council, moderated the panel. Following his questions, students in the audience were given the chance to ask questions.
Panelists spoke about their backgrounds and their current roles. They also gave students advice on career-seeking and making the most of their time at the School of Public Policy. Alumni on the panel also gave their perspectives on challenges in the field.
Contact Bryan Kempton or Tricia Arndts if you are interested in participating in similar events.