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The Intersector Initiative

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy formed The Intersector Initiative in 2018 to harness the talents of a community of experts on cross-sector collaboration. Our team members – scholars, practitioners, and teachers – share a passion to advance cross-sector collaboration as a transformative way to solve difficult public policy problems. We are deploying expertise in collaborative governance to an expanding array of issue areas. Our collaborative teams are tackling real-world challenges in cybersecurity and elections infrastructure, sustainable development, budgeting and management, and media coverage of complex, multi-sector policy challenges.

The Intersector Initiative is built on the foundation of The Intersector Project, an independent nonprofit organization that worked to empower practitioners across the business, government, and non-profit sectors to work together to solve problems that cannot be solved by one sector alone. The Intersector Initiative is now an integral part of the School of Public Policy, woven seamlessly into the School ethos: To address today’s complex challenges, we must make not only government, but also governance, work. The different components of governance – local, state, and federal governments; the private sector; and the philanthropic and non-profit sectors – are each critical, but it is how they come together that is most important.

Learn more about the initiative here or contact Intersector Initiative Director Paul Brown at 301-405-3988.