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PhD Conference and Travel Funding

SPP Conference Awards for PhD Students

The School of Public Policy would like to encourage its PhD students to present research at scholarly and/or professional conferences. Events provide excellent opportunities to share insights that contribute to the current practices of a field. They also let students network with established professionals who may provide valuable professional development. Finally, student presentations enhance the visibility of the School’s work and reinforce its mission.

The SPP award is intended to partially support the total cost of attending an event. Other sources of funding should be used in conjunction with requested SPP funds. The award is judged on an individual basis and subject to available funds.

Availability and Eligibility

To be considered for the award, PhD students must be in good academic standing and making adequate progress toward completing their degree. Funds are only available to current students and may not be used post-graduation or for those who are not currently enrolled in coursework or research such as those who have a waiver of registration or similar circumstance.

Awards will only be granted prior to the start of a conference.

Award Preferences

Preference will be given to PhD students seeking awards that meet the criteria of the Graduate School’s Conference and Travel Awards (International Conference Student Support Award and Goldhaber Travel Grant). Students who have attended previous conferences of the host organization will also receive greater consideration.

Local and regional conferences for which no travel is required are less likely to receive funding.

Award Application

Please contact the PhD Program Director for guidance on the application process. 

Return Responsibilities

The SPP will reimburse PhD students for expenses at an amount that is less than or equal to the granted funding. Students must submit receipts for eligible expenses within two weeks of their return to be reimbursed. Students should submit original receipts. If expenses have been divided among others receiving SPP funding, the student may submit a copy as long as another person submits the original receipt. All requests for reimbursement must be documented.

Upon return, the attendee must write about the experience for the SPP student blog. Additionally, the student should prepare a short presentation with visuals about the experience that may be given at an orientation, open house, networking event or other public forum. While these additional activities add a small amount of work, public presentations are invaluable to our community for telling the total experience of students at the School of Public Policy.