Meg Brindle

2101 Van Munching Hall

Meg Brindle, PhD joined the faculty in the SPP Executive Education Master’s program in 2018. She was an associate professor of management in the public and international affairs area for 15 years, with tenure at George Mason University and in the MBA school at Carnegie Mellon University for five years. She also teaches at the US Naval Academy Officers program, and at the Carnegie Mellon DC campus.

Meg received her PhD and Masters of Public Management degrees from Carnegie Mellon University with post doctorate in organizational behavior. She has taught more than 100 MBA and MPA courses in organizational behavior and management; leadership; strategy; policy; health policy; international development and entrepreneurship. As former department chair, she founded several new interdisciplinary degree programs and is an RN by background.

Brindle left her tenured position to create entrepreneurial, IP business curriculum for low-income Africans with funding from the USPTO; Comic Relief, USTR and British aid. She is co-founder of the African IP Trust (, an advocacy organization for African farmers, producers and owners of cultural brands. She has worked in Ethiopia; Zambia and Uganda; Kenya; Zanzibar; Tanzania and in the Caribbean with producers and governments.

She has published five books including: Managing Power through Lateral Networking with Lisa Mainiero, and Taking Charge of Management Fads: A New Look at an Old Force with Peter N. Stearns; The Arts management handbook: New Directions from the Field; and Social Entrepreneurship for development: A business model, with Ron Layton, by Routledge Press and Distinctive values in Caribbean exports. Her favorite activity is a tie between teaching people to be more effective managers of people and creating sustainable income streams for low-income producers. Her deep belief is that with more than 2 billion in poverty, we can and must use our brain power to create better, sustainable solutions. Brindle is currently director of partnerships for Position, Ltd. (

Areas of interest: social entrepreneurship; organizational behavior and leadership; policy; international development and intellectual property business.