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Understanding Public Policy and Legislation

Understanding Public Policy and Legislation is a three-day program that provides an understanding of the public policy process and how Congress works with executive agencies, the White House, and others, to conduct the business of the federal government.  Participants come away with a deeper knowledge of the policy-making process -- how and why policy is made -- and are able to apply that understanding in their own work.  They better understand the dynamic environment surrounding agency mission and programs; factors that place issues on Congress’ agenda for action; and the perspectives, roles, and responsibilities of key actors in the process.

Program sessions introduce conceptual frameworks to explain and predict the political decision-making process and apply the frameworks to the sorts of decisions facing agencies -- through case study examples and exercises, readings, and discussion. The training introduces participants to the people who make and implement policy – former members of Congress, senior Hill staff, active lobbyists, authors, and high-ranking officials from executive agencies -- so that they can both hear from instructors on their area of expertise and also glean from them what made them successful public leaders and managers.

Most recently, the program was offered for three groups of leaders from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. For additional program details, please contact:


Aisha Washington