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Housing and Community Development

Over the past twenty years, the Office of Executive Programs has provided tailored housing policy curriculum to several thousand housing professionals, non-profit developers and employees of local housing agencies.

Program Content

It is essential that housing professionals in the Federal, State, local and non-profit sectors possess a comprehensive view of the industry in order to work effectively with their colleagues and members of the community.  OEP's housing and community development programs provide an overview of the housing development and management process, housing finance, asset management, and the importance of developing effective partnerships. In addition, participants are trained to look for alternatives to current procedures and policy by using problem solving skills learned in the program.

Courses assist housing and community development professionals:

  • forge new partnerships to deliver effective community-based programs.
  • understand the field and its critical role in community well-being, including historical context, project and neighborhood development, and asset management (both from the project and the portfolio perspectives).
  • have a full understanding of the opportunities and constraints associated with community-based partnerships.
  • construct and analyze complex financing deals, leveraging resources to build and preserve high-quality affordable housing.

Housing Finance - As public sector resources shrink, the ability to use core financial principles becomes increasingly important to the success of affordable housing projects.  This component of the program focuses on the housing finance industry as a whole, including the evolution of primary and secondary markets and a review of participation and influence of the major players.  Specific financial skills are also reviewed and practiced, including present value analysis and internal rate of return, debt service calculation, and return on investment analysis.

Community Development - Successful communities enable a variety of players to work together to address common problems.  The ability to form partnerships with other stakeholders is essential to the process of community improvement.  This course develops the skill and art of forging effective partnerships.   It examines issues and strategies applicable to urban, suburban, and rural areas.  Class sessions are augmented with field experiences. 

Asset Management - Housing professionals must view the management of real estate from both a project and portfolio perspective.  The Asset Management course demonstrates how to manage residential real estate and monitor the health of housing developments.  Participants explore issues of marketing, leasing, and tenant selection and responsibilities.  The assessment of capital needs for building maintenance and other important areas such as crime prevention strategies and human services support are examined.  Emphasis is placed on instituting timely corrective actions when symptoms of trouble are detected in a property.

For additional program details, please contact:

Elizabeth Hinson