“Connecting Public Leaders for Innovation and Results” 


Executive Public Leadership Focus

Within the ranks of government around the world are leaders at every level.  They bring vision and passion to serving people.  While many of these leaders are elected, the focus of the Global Public Leadership Program is on the non-elected leaders, whether appointed or in career public service. These leaders need continual information about:

•    State-of-the-art techniques being used globally to develop and implement policies

•    What has worked and what has not worked in global governments

•    Who their counterparts are and what challenges they confront

The Global Public Leadership Program Commitment is to…

•    Bring together practitioners, scholars and experts to share knowledge and experience

•    Create a practical focus on solving  problems

•    Produce a list of solutions that can be applied immediately

•    Connect leaders for the long run

Programs for Innovation and Results Executive Program

The Global Public Leadership Executive Program is a program in Washington, DC that connects global public leaders to their counterparts in the United States and other nations. It features:

•    Visits with cabinet officials and members of Congress so that executives may meet with their counterparts

•    Executive Briefing Sessions with the most knowledgeable experts on the federal budget; intelligence and national security; global trade; and other topics

•    Seminars at key national historic sites such as the National Archives; Gettysburg Battlefield; and Independence Hall

•    Facilitated presentations and discussions among executives

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