Academy Instructors Process

Core Instructor Selection Process:


Below are the instructions and requirements to become a core instructor for the Academy.

A.      Ex officio instructors

1)      Open Meetings Act - at least one instructor shall be the Assistant Attorney General Counsel to the Open Meetings Compliance Board or local government counsel.

2)      Public Information Act – at least one instructor shall be the Chief Counsel for the Opinions, Advice, and Legislation Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office

3)      Basics of Risk Management – at least one instructor shall be drawn from the staff of the Local Government Insurance Trust

4)      Consensus & Team Building – at least one instructor shall be from the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO)

B.      Primary Qualifications

1)      Expertise in the field to be taught

2)      Previous instructor experience

3)      Knowledge of Maryland local government

4)      Two recommendations attesting to possession of primary qualifications

5)      Statement disclosing client relationships that may lead to personal gain.

C.      Process

1)      MACo/MML/MSPP promote opportunity, including course description and objectives

2)      Candidates asked to submit application responding to stated qualifications

3)      Applications to be received by MSPP and reviewed by MSPP/Academy Council with current instructor(s) (candidate interviews may be requested).

4)      Academy Council selects backups/alternates to existing instructors. Reviewers/evaluators will base selection on consistency between application and required qualifications.

5)      Selected instructors serve a probationary period through the delivery of first class

6)      Process to recur with each subsequent instructor vacancy

Kindly fill in the following application and submit by e-mail to  Aisha Washington at or (301) 314-2641.