Do Good Challenge Teams

Team will use innovative techniques to enhance the relationships that prince geroge's county students have with math, thus improving graduation rates and economic value in the 21st century economy.
Increase awareness of mental health resources and
biokmir is focused on pioneering biodiagnostics.
Camp Kesem at University of Maryland works to provide a free week long summer camp for kids whose parents have been affected by cancer.
We aim to increase awareness around mental health and promote more frequent usage of resources available to student athletes.
CompuTerps will rebuild broken down computers and donate them to students who cannot afford them and who want to learn.
Cycling for Success aims to help elementary school students improve focus and academic performance through the implementation of stationary pedals beneath their desks.
DripServ will design and manufacture custom shower curtains with visually appealing graphics and information regarding water conservation to reduce students' water usage in dorm hall showers.
DriveBox aims to provide the world’s first affordable self-driving add-on kit for the physically limited that can be installed on any existing car, making driving safer, more accessible, and less strenuous.
Team E flow aims to recapture underutilized mechanical energy from water to provide convenient access to renewable energy for students on campus.