Student Groups

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Students come to SPP from around the world. with diverse scoial, political and academic backgrounds and expansive policy interests. This vibrant, close-knit community is joined together by a shared passion for solving the great challenges of the 21st century and a commitment to doing good.

Whether you're looking for an engaging speaker, an opportunity to network, or simply some time to socialize with your classmates, you'll find an active community of student groups and councils to get involved with.

Black Students in Public Policy

Black Students in Public Policy (BSiPP) was established for the expressed purpose of creating a stronger sense of community among black students at the School of Public Policy. Black Students in Public Policy will provide a safe space for black students and other students of marginalized identities in both the graduate school (masters and PhD students) and undergraduate public policy major. We also exist to serve our community through volunteering, educational programs and advocacy throughout campus. 

Graduate Women in Public Policy

The Graduate Women in Public Policy (GWiPP) was established in 2002 to promote the contribution of women in the formulation and implementation of public policy. The organization provides leadership, networking, professional development, education, and service opportunities to the MSPP community. GWiPP furthermore seeks a stronger sense of community between SPP students, alumni, and faculty, and works to encourage female representation in SPP decision-making.

International Student Council

The International Student Council was founded in 2015. The organization aims to help all international students attending the UMD School of Public Policy by providing support and assistant with SPP international students' careers and daily lives.

Policy Pride Council

The Policy Pride Council seeks to create a safe space for LGBT graduate students and their allies, facilitates personal and professional connections within the group, and foster a sense of community among members through various social events.