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McLarty Fellowship

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Kickstart your career in international policy. Gain a hands-on experience at a world-class firm.

The McLarty Fellowship is an opportunity for a graduate student to receive funding and access to academic and professional development opportunities in the fields of foreign affairs, international relations, public administration, public policy and security, supported by the partnership between McLarty Associates and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Through the fellowship, the student can take advantage of McLarty Associates’ extensive experience in global policy issues to develop their skills and become a policy leader.




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About McLarty Associates

McLarty Associates is an international strategic advisory firm. Their work lies at the nexus of business and policy. McLarty Associates understands the complexities of international markets and helps their clients navigate the strategic and operational challenges they face around the globe. The firm has a uniquely interactive approach and its team analyzes the international opportunity or problem, assesses the tools available to the clients, and develops and executes strategies. The senior members of the team, representing decades of top-level government and business experience, are deeply involved in the clients’ strategies on a daily basis. Their clients are generally Fortune 200 companies with substantial global footprints, but they also advise many emerging companies venturing abroad for the first time.

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