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Eric Shalloway Attending Summer Policy Boot Camp to Learn from Peers Across the Country

Undergraduate public policy student Eric Shalloway was recently accepted into the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp at Stanford University. The intensive, week-long program aims to teach students how to think critically about public policy issues and solutions.

“I decided to apply for the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp because I was intrigued by the idea that I could spend a week in a serious environment with students from all over the country,” Shalloway says. “It seemed like an incredible opportunity and way to continue my education in the summertime. I have learned so much at the UMD School of Public Policy and I belive this week will show me a new perspective and further my connection to the subject.”

Shalloway is currently a junior public policy major at UMD and says he plans to pursue a career in law and policy following graduation.

“I became interested in public policy through my classes that I have taken in my curriculum and my professors who have inspired me to pursue further depths of policy,” he adds. “When I began the major, I was able to develop relationships with my professors and advisors.”

“I decided to major in public policy when it was a new major. After meeting with Director of Undergraduate Studies Jennifer Littlefield, I was convinced this was the correct program for me,” Shalloway says. “I enjoyed my history and government classes in high school, and I was interested in the range of classes and interdisciplinary curriculum of public policy.”

He also says pursuing a public policy degree in the DC area was appealing to him. “This past spring semester, I interned with the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress in Washington, DC,” he says. “The proximity of the campus to our nation’s capital allowed me to commute twice a week from College Park. Students from all over the country travel to Washington for the summer or semester, but Maryland allows us to have internships any time during the year. Many other students would not have this chance.”

Having multiple opportunities available, ranging from clubs to internships to classes, makes the UMD School of Public Policy unique, Shalloway says. “I am fortunate to be on the Policy Student Government this upcoming year, and am looking forward to my junior year,” he adds. “I also serve on Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Nina Harris’ Advisory Council. This year a new public policy professional fraternity is starting up. There is so much going on and there is something for everyone.”

Shalloway points out that the people and relationships at the School of Public Policy are part of what makes the school extraordinary. “People are the ones who change policy, and nothing can happen alone,” he says. “Policy takes time and through negotiations, cooperation and communication, public leaders can influence others and create positive change for their citizens.”

“I would like to thank the UMD School of Public Policy and my teachers and peers for helping me achieve the honor of being accepted to the Hoover Institution Summer Policy Boot Camp,” he says. “I look forward to representing myself and the school this summer.”