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Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program



Honoring a Champion of the Underrepresented

Howard Peters "Pete" Rawlings

The prestigious Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program is the University of Maryland’s premiere undergraduate leadership and public policy training program. It honors the legacy of Howard Peters “Pete” Rawlings and the work he did as a Maryland delegate. Participants in the Fellows program are provided multiple opportunities--both academic and experiential--to grow as ethical leaders and become champions for those whose voices may otherwise go unheard in the leadership and decision-making process.  Maintaining a commitment to those historically underrepresented in leadership positions is central to the program.

The program works with students, faculty, alumni, and local leaders to provide undergraduates with a commitment to cultural pluralism, advocacy, and change with the necessary skills, resources, and support to prepare them for leadership roles during the school year and after program completion.

If you have at least two semesters remaining at the university and a commitment to public leadership, you are strongly encouraged to apply. Fellows design and implement their own community action projects, take courses on leadership, serve at an internship, and meet elected officials, community advocates, and non-profit leaders.

Image courtesy of The Baltimore Sun.

Program Staff

Dr. Nina Harris
, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
, School of Public Policy

1126 Taliaferro Hall

Zachary Segal, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies, School of Public Policy

1116 Taliaferro Hall




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