Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Executive Master of Public Management program for?

The typical Executive Master of Public Management degree candidate is a public policy or public-sector management professional with at least five years of professional public service / management experience after completion of an undergraduate degree. Degree candidates come from federal and state agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Program candidates will have shown an expressed and demonstrated commitment to public sector management and policy-related service. Additionally, our students tend to have completed their bachelor’s degrees with cumulative GPA’s of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

What is the tuition for the program?

The cost of the Executive Master of Public Management program is $47,250 for the entire 10-course program. (This tuition rate applies regardless of residency status.) This fee covers all tuition charges, all required texts for the program, and most snacks and meals during class weekends.

When and where are classes held?

Classes are held at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy on the College Park campus. The weekend program runs every other weekend on Fridays from 1:30pm to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Why is the program offered on a cohort basis?

One of the benefits of the Executive Master of Public Management Program is the opportunity to learn from the varied and rich experiences of your colleagues, established leaders in public sector management and policy analysis. A cohort-driven program allows for greater discussion during class sessions and opportunities to build a strong network of academic and professional contacts.

If I miss a semester, will I be able to re-join my cohort for the remainder of the program? Can I take classes with another cohort?

Yes, it will be possible for you to miss a semester and still re-join your cohort to complete the remainder of the program. To make-up the classes you will have missed, you can, upon the approval of the program director, either choose to make up the needed class/classes on the College Park campus or join another cohort to complete the program on-sequence.

What type of guidance/support will I have throughout the program?

You will benefit from the guidance of an academic program director, an established member of the School's faculty that will coordinate enrichment activities and provide academic counsel as you move throughout the degree program.

In addition, you will have the support of a dedicated staff that will help you to manage the admissions process and, once enrolled, will continue to support you by coordinating your registration, course materials, and all other logistical matters throughout the course of the Program.

Must I complete all ten prescribed courses or can I pursue other SPP courses during the week?

Upon the approval of the Program Director, it may be possible for you to vary the prescribed schedule and take classes on the College Park campus. While this is not encouraged, the School does make allowances, in some instances, for students who, for example, might have to complete the degree program earlier due to professional commitments, etc. Please contact us for further information.

Do I have access to activities and facilities on the University of Maryland, College Park campus (i.e. computer labs/library/career services)?

As an Executive Master of Public Management degree candidate, you will have access to University system library resources and computer facilities. In addition, you will have access to all academic activities on the College Park campus, including lecture series, seminars, symposia, and forums.

Can I apply for Federal Student Financial Aid?

Degree seeking candidates earning 6 credits or 24 Graduate Units per semester have the opportunity to apply for federally sponsored student loans. As a part-time student enrolled in the Executive Master Program, you will be eligible to apply for federal student financial aid. Please visit for additional information and to download the free application for student aid (FAFSA). In addition, please visit the University's Office of Financial Aid for further requirements. Please note that summer semesters only have one course, so you may wish to consider adding them to your Spring or Fall aid requests.

Are there opportunities for fellowships or graduate assistantships?

Opportunities for fellowships and/or graduate assistantships are available for Executive Master Program degree candidates. Please contact us for additional information and an application for these opportunities. The application consists of a short statement on why you are seeking fellowship/graduate assistantship and where you believe that you can contribute to the academic experience of your colleagues.

Does the University of Maryland School of Public Policy accept transfer credit?

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy will consider the transfer of credits (up to a maximum of 6 credits) based on the following conditions: (a) The course work must be no more than seven years old at the time of degree completion and (b) the graduate director and the advisor must indicate to the Dean of the Graduate School that the course work taken has been revalidated by the student’s demonstration that the knowledge contained in the course(s) remains current. Each course for which revalidation is requested must be justified separately. Under no circumstances will any transfer credits be accepted that are more than seven years old at the time of degree completion.

Can I take a course in the Executive Master of Public Management program without being enrolled as an Executive Master's student?

Yes, you can participate in a course – space permitting and upon approval of the program director – offered through the Executive Master Program. Participants who wish to take individual courses through the UMD School of Public Policy may do so by applying for Advanced Special Student status. This is a non-degree seeking status for students who meet the University's admissions criteria. To apply as an Advanced Special Student, simply apply on-line at:

Students who are already degree-seeking candidates at the School, but that are not enrolled in the Executive Master Program, may, upon the approval of the Program Director, take a maximum of two courses in this Program.