Energy Policy specialization

The Energy Policy specialization examines current and possible future energy systems and how they can interact with policy and society. Our goal is to understand four dimensions underpinning energy policy — as economic well-being, energy security, environmental protection, and energy access.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding these dimensions, including: the science and technology of energy; energy & society; innovation in energy technologies and the possible roles of government in supporting it; technological change and its implications for long-term energy futures; modeling and technology assessment; energy access for development and the goal sustainable energy for all; geopolitics of energy and other aspects of energy security; efficiency, renewables, and transportation; Maryland state energy policy; and nuclear energy.

Requirements for the specialization (effective Fall 2018)

In addition to meeting the core requirements of their degree program, students specializing in Energy Policy are required to complete the following four courses:

  • One course on US and international energy politics and policy
    • Example: PLCY699Z “Energy Policy” or another course approved by the specialization head
  • One course on the economic dimensions of energy
    • Example: PLCY798N "Energy Economics" or another course approved by the specialization head
  • Two energy electives, such as
    • PLCY699B "Intersections of Technology and Policy: Modernizing the Energy System" (crosslisted as PHYS662)
    • PLCY798O "Energy Security"
    • PLCY### "Energy Markets and Finance"
    • PLCY689L "Science and Technology Policy"
    • Other courses approved by the specialization head

Sample plan of study for the Energy Policy (ENGY) specialization

Below is an example of how a student in this specialization may progress towards her MPP degree semester by semester. It does not represent the only way to sequence the courses. 

ENGY specialization requirements prior to Fall 2018

Students admitted to the MPP or MPM program in or before Fall 2018 may meet the ENGY specialization requirements by completing either the four courses specified in the section above or the following five courses:

  • PLCY699Z “Energy Policy”
  • PLCY740 “Public Policy and the Environment”
  • PLCY741 “Quantitative Aspects of Global Environmental Problems”
  • PLCY745 “Human Health and the Environment”
  • One energy elective, such as:
    • PLCY798N "Energy Economics"
    • PLCY798O "Energy Security"
    • PLCY698L "International Environmental Agreements"
    • PLCY699B "Intersections of Technology and Policy: Modernizing the Energy System" (crosslisted as PHYS662)
    • Another course approved by the specialization head

For more information, please contact the Energy Policy specialization head, Dr. Lucy Qiu.